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Set a Review Date on a Web Page

OASIS provides you with the ability to attach, to each page you compose, a review date by which this page should be revisited (for editing/renewal).  The results of setting a review date on a web page can be inspected in the Review List, which is accessed from the OASIS Toolbar (Administer, then Manage Review List); see section How Do I Access the Review Queue? in this User Guide.

Method 1: Setting a Review Date During Page Composing

  • While setting up the page (an Add Page operation), enter the number of days for review in the Review Frequency (days) field.

Method 2: Setting a Review Date After Page Composing

  • As an afterthought, navigate to the desired page (for setting a review frequency), access Administer from the OASIS Toolbar, then select Modify. In the Modify dialog box, add or edit the data in the Review Frequency (days) field.