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Change Permissions on a News Resource Instance?

You can change the viewing permissions on any News resource instance on the site. 

To Change Permissions in a News Resource Instance:

  • Navigate to the page on which the News resource instance is found.
  • Access the OASIS Explorer (Explore on the OASIS toolbar).
  • Locate the News resource instance in the OASIS Explorer, then click on the Modify button in the action buttons on the right of the listing.
  • Click on the Permissions tab in the dialog box.
  • In the Permissions tab, add or remove permissions from relevant groups or individuals.
    • To add a new group or individual user: Type the group or individual name in the search fields above the displayed table of users. This adds the group or individual to the list, at which point you may assign relevant permissions.
    • To change a group or individual user: In the displayed table of users, locate the group or individual to be impacted by your change. Adjust the permission check boxes.
  • Click Save, and, if warranted, Close the dialog box.