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Edit or Approve an Article in a News Resource Instance

Articles in the News resource may be further edited and refined in an interface identical to that associated with article creation (see How do I Add a New Entry to a News Resource Instance).

The News resource in OASIS also provides the abilities:

  • for an article’s creator to manage the posting “scenario” of the article (including hiding the article from public view and establishing a “publishing time”); and
  • for one or more editors, in an approval chain, to have access to edit the article before it is published to the live site

In a small way, this provides checks and balances to support approval and timed posting of an article into the serialized content stream.

To Access Editing Controls in a News Resource Instance:

  • Click on an article’s title in any serial view (a view in which you see essentially a list of all articles) to access the article detail view. 
  • Click on the pencil icon at the bottom of the article, which will open up the article editor.  (The article editor presents tools to edit the article.) 
  • Make all changes you desire, including making a change to Status if you are willing and authorized to publish the article.
  • Click Save to store your editorial and settings changes.

To Schedule the Timing of a News Article:

  • Adjust the Date Posted settings in the Edit Article > Content tab. 
  • Click Save to apply your settings.


Publishing Workflow Controls

OASIS allows content creators and editor to implement light workflow on articles posted to a News resource instance.  These settings are controlled by a Status field in the Content tab of the Edit (or Add) Article dialog. 
The available publishing status settings are as follows:

When an article’s status is set to Published, the article is or will soon be (based on available scheduling functions in the News resource) available to all website visitors who have permission to see that resource instance.

When an article’s status is set to Draft, the article remains editable to its creator and other site administrators with permission sets that match the creator.  Draft status usually indicates that the article is still being composed, and not ready for review/approval.

Pending Approval:
When an article’s status is set to Pending Approval, the article’s creator is indicating that this is the final state proposed by that creator, but subject to review/approval by those who have been invited to review the article.  It is not yet visible to all website visitors who have permission to see that resource instance.  A reviewer could revise the status, in reviewing the article, to published; the outcomes expected will occur.

When an article’s status is set to Private, only the creator/author of the article will be able to see the article.  No other individuals, even if they hold similar site permissions to the article’s creator, will be able to see the article.  

When an article’s status is set to Archived, the article will be removed from the usual visualization of the resource instance, but kept inside the web system.  It may be republished should this need arise. 

To Adjust Publishing Workflow Settings:

  • Select the desired publishing status (based on performance needs described in table above).
  • Click Save

To Find Articles of Specific Review Status:

  • In the article list view (typically, titles/dates/preview content), locate the status indicator list above or near the top of the News resource instance.
  • Note that the list provides information about how many articles in this news resource instance hold each status type. To filter to see articles of a particular status, click on the status name.
  • Review and access articles as needed.
  • Click Save