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The OASIS Content Management System

Browse. Edit. Save.

OASIS, by Sandbox Software Solutions, is a full-featured, easy-to-use web content management system that powers websites, intranets and private web communities.

Simple and Easy to Use

Non-technical site administrators can be up and running in minutes, using OASIS’s tool set and generously-placed and familiar WYSIWYG editors. If you can use Microsoft® Office® applications, you will get OASIS!

Stable and Robust

OASIS, coded in the Java programming language, has been used for more than 12 years (and through 7 versions!) to manage websites, intranets and portals across a wide range of verticals – from communications to construction, from healthcare to home decorating. It’s a proven platform. It is the platform behind a number of websites that see hundreds of thousands of visits every month.


Mix and match content and a broad range of functionalities to deliver web and intranet experiences that do what you want. Deliver steady and rich internet experiences to public and private web users. OASIS comes with powerful page layout and user management tools found in enterprise CMS solutions - at a fraction of their price.


OASIS is a secure solution that keeps private data private – all easily configured in your work as a non-technical administrator of an OASIS site. No OASIS site has ever been hacked or had unwanted content injected. Because it is a proprietary, deliberately-built platform, it is not susceptible to the same kind of hacks and code injections that plague many open source web content management software solutions.

Just In Time

You won’t have to rely on the schedule of a web developer again! OASIS puts the tools in the hands of the layperson, meaning you won’t need to know HTML, CSS or any other complicated languages, so you can make changes to your website or portal – even at 3 am.

Functionally Rich

Since its inception, OASIS has addressed a wide variety of functionality needs because it was crafted to be a home for a range of plugged-in modules. Off the shelf, you’ll find a wide range of popular functionalities – including blogs, calendars, polls, surveys, articles/news, forums, and media galleries – ready for deployment.