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OASIS Feature Set

OASIS is a flexible platform that can be configured to the exact needs and requirements of your website, portal or intranet.  On site build, custom functionalities or software, called resources, are assembled to meet the requirements.  Many of the most valuable resources are already available right out of the box.  And the talented team at Sandbox continue to develop new resources, and  can create something customized for your need on request.

Keep reading to learn about the many features and resources already available in the OASIS web content management system.

Secure Login

The OASIS web CMS includes a rich permission management framework that provides granular permission levels for users, such as a webmaster, administrators and users. To best leverage the framework, users can be easily assigned to groups, and groups and even individual users can have read/write/create/delete access for all or a subset of pages and even on-page resources.  It all happens through a login gate that gives you a variety of ways to register users, support users (through Forgot Password functions), and empower users.

OASIS can be integrated with your organization's Active Directory!


The OASIS web CMS includes a powerful framework for serialized content (content added over time or in sequence, such as news, media releases and blogs) called the News resource. This tool allows users and groups with correct credentials to create and schedule the posting of news - including parameters such as a title, article summary (or short abstract), full text article/story, posting date, an optional photo/image and an optional file (which can be downloaded by those reading the article). Website visitors access rich serialized content that can be published in chronological order or in association with categories/tags.

Administrators may also activate commenting abilities in this resource, enabling unrestricted or adjudicated commenting by article readers, or turn off commenting completely.

This resource is RSS-out enabled.


The OASIS web CMS can be configured with a forum resource, which allows site visitors or portal members to communicate with each other asynchronously.  The OASIS forum resource includes ability to create new threads, add new posts within a thread, and reply both to a post and to a reply of a post (threading).  The forum framework can also include a post rating scheme (Like or Star-based).  On request, and with investment, a forum can be adapted to become an "idea mill" - a framework which invites idea input and which enables rapid visualization of the popularity of each idea through a voting idea popularity framework.

Forums can be publicly available (i.e., without requirement for login), or available only to those logged in (via Username/Password) to an OASIS portal.


The OASIS web CMS includes a resource that allows credentialled site administrators to easily build forms that can collect website visitor data/input.  Set up custom fields, order them as you see fit, make some fields mandatory for form submission; all of these features are available to site administrators in the form builder.  When published, website visitors can use a created form to provide information.  Submitted data is directed, by email, to a designated address (usually, a site administrator; but this is configured per form by the site administrator). Alternatively, data can be exported from the database to an Excel-compatible format for download by the site administrator.


The OASIS web CMS provides a Survey resource that can keep your data under the same roof, negating the need to resort to external tools like SurveyMonkey in most cases.  Credentialled site administrators can access a range of survey question types (multiple choice, Yes/No, Likert scale) from an easy-to-use survey creation tool to build customized surveys.  Question re-ordering helps to ensure that you get it right for your survey respondents.  Data from surveys gets consolidated in a rich administrator dashboard that includes visualization tools (charts) and the ability to export data to Excel-compatible formats for more advanced data manipulation.

If you rely on external integration with tools like SurveyMonkey or FormStack, OASIS fully supports you with easy-to-insert code snippet abilities.

Mobile Friendly Site

The OASIS web CMS ensures that your website looks great across viewing devices, including smart phones and tablets, through full support for both responsive and adaptive design.  Support for multiple stylesheets is included!

Menu Management

The OASIS web CMS includes an incredibly easy-to-use menu building tool that allows you to manage all menus within your site. Site administrator menu controls include a visual depiction of multi-level menus, and are enabled with drag and drop technology to make ordering of your menus quick and easy.  Menus can be placed anywhere in your site, and any OASIS site can have more than one menu supporting navigation.

Mega-menus are also supported in OASIS.

Site Search

The OASIS web CMS includes a rich site search technology framework powered by Lucene search technology. Configuration options are available on site setup, and include the ability to support filtered searching, and use of tags and categories placed in content throughout the site. The appearance of search results pages can be customized on configuration.

And should you wish an alternative search approach, any OASIS site can be augmented with Google Site Search. 


The OASIS web CMS easily embeds a breadcrumb resource in your site. Breadcrumbs list the name of the page a visitor is on, and provide a hyperlink trail back through the navigation path that gets to that page.

Breadcrumbs can be augmented with the OASIS "Viewed Today" resource, which keeps track of all pages viewed by a visitor during their browser session.  This powerful resource, typically found in association with a vertical sub-menu, enables visitors to return rapidly to previously-viewed pages.

Text Resizing

The OASIS web CMS, through its ability to manage multiple stylesheets, provides support for the site visitor to increase or decrease the standard font size of most textual content within a website.

This resizing feature can be of great help to those with visual accessibility challenges.

Document Management

The OASIS web CMS includes an enterprise-level document repository system that can store, organize, and make available to visitors (by download) a wide range of files. Site administrators have access to an elegant toolset to name, select and upload one or more files (including the use of drag and drop from computer to browser). 

OASIS supports file versioning, keeping the last 3 versions of a named file for reference.  And should you want it, OASIS also includes a resource that enables "trade for access" to stored files - allowing you to place a data collection form in front of a file before a site visitor may download the file.

Links Library

The OASIS web CMS allows site administrators to easily build lists of links - either through an application of the Menu resource, or through a highly configurable resource called the List resource.  When the list resource is used, site administrators will easily be able to configure and create structured data sets with a standard set of fields which may include links to other websites.

In fact, this list of features has been set up using the OASIS List resource!

Media Gallery

The OASIS web CMS provides a variety of ways to incorporate images and video into a site.  A task-dedicated resource for this purpose, called the Media Gallery, allows you to manage a wide range of media, including video (either uploaded to your site's backend, or via embed from Vimeo or YouTube), audio and images. The tool renders content to a page in a gallery format, which can be styled to your requirements.

Multimedia content can also be managed through the commonly-used Text resource, a News resource and a List resource.

RSS News Rebroadcaster

The OASIS web CMS includes an available News Rebroadcaster, with easy-to-use site administrator controls that allow for the rebroadcasting of other RSS feeds.  Configuration capabilities include the ability to filter an RSS feed on keywords, thus providing highly customized topical newsfeeds. 

Stories aggregated using this resource only provide a story synopsis from the incoming RSS feed; visitors interested in following a story are led, by hyperlink, to the original story souce.


The OASIS web CMS includes an easy-to-use Poll resource that enables the deployment of, and data collection from, single question polls.  Polls may be created in one of two modes:

  1. Choose one of many (multiple options, visitor may select one only); OR
  2. Choose all that apply.

The resource can be configured to restrict voting (i.e., to permit one vote per person) when used in a private portal or intranet. It can also be configured to permit voting based on approved "tokens" (e.g., a password or an ID number).

The Poll Resource may be configured to render poll results visually immediately upon a vote being cast - to support applications commonly seen in news delivery and polling.

Polls can be archived so that users can see results from closed polls.

Job Posting

The OASIS web CMS provides a "Job Posting" resource that facilitates the collection and routing of employment applications from website visitors learning about available jobs.

The resource provides a grid-style listing of all available jobs, and is responsive to expiry dates set by the site administrator.  Structured data associated with a job posting/description can be configured by the administrator. 

Visitors encounter a grid list of all available jobs that can be filtered by category or tag. On drill down, full information about the job is rendered, and a web form supporting application is available for completion.

Standard configuration includes routing of all collected elements of a job application to the email address of the specified recruiter, and the system supports multiple recruiters.

Feedback Form Builder

The OASIS web CMS provides an easy-to-use form building resource that allows website administrators to create and deploy their own custom forms.  Forms can be developed using standard fields available in the form builder, and laid out in a desired order per completion requirements.  Individual form fields can be marked as mandatory - requiring visitor completion before submission.  On submission, default form behaviour is set to email a message to an email address set up in configuring the form instance. Forms can include checkbox fields, open text, and even link to Google Maps to allow a map to be rendered.

If a form builder isn't required, forms can be created by the professionals during the development of any website deployed in OASIS CMS.

User Profiles

The OASIS web CMS comes with a robust site and portal User Administration framework that allows administrators to grant access - with granular permissions - to a range of users. Users may update their own profiles and manage what information they wish to convey about themselves.

These profiles may be leveraged into social networking features in a private web portal powered by the OASIS web CMS - which can support the creation of a friendship network and internal email/messaging systems for logged in portal members.

User Profile Search Tool

When the social networking features of the OASIS web CMS are used in private portals, a rich search functionality becomes available to help portal members find and friend each other.


The OASIS web CMS provides a complete framework for the management of blogs through the News resource, which manages serialized content.  Bloggers may be provided with customized permissions to access a particular instance of the blog (to support multiple bloggers or a single blog), and have full editorial control.  The Blog framework also provides for delayed/scheduled publishing, and provides an internal approval workflow framework to support appropriate review of content. 

A threaded comment/feedback framework is available when the News resource is used to support blogs.  Feedback modes include 'without restriction', 'with adjudication', or 'turned off'.

Recently Added Documents

The OASIS web CMS includes a built-in ability for content creators and editors to flag newly-created content.  Flagged content can then be rendered, automatically, in a "Recently Added" or "What's New?" widget presented at a desired location in any OASIS website. "Recently Added" widgets are commonly incorporated on a site's home page - so that website visitors can rapidly spot newest content of interest.

Mass Emailer

An email notification tool has been developed to support site administrators operating a web portal, intranet or online community.  This resource enables distribution of email messages to some or all registered site users, allowing the administrator to provide text and the distribution instruction.  The framework allows the development of customized HTML email templates to create appealing messages out.


The OASIS web CMS provides a highly functional and graphical calendar and event registration framework that gives website visitors an extraordinary calendar experience. Site administrators have a full set of controls to name and describe events and location information, select periodic or recurring events, compose event series, and turn on registration elements.  The resource includes the ability to create and apply event categories. Website visitors can access a range of views of a calendar, filter by category, drill down for detailed information, download an iCal entry, view a linked Google map (where location information is provided), and, if activated, complete a registration (including payment processing) for an event.

Event registration information can be downloaded by site administrators to Excel-compatible formats for additional manipulation.