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How Do I Adjust the Permissions for Any Resource Instance on a Web Page?

Every resource instance on a web page may have its permissions adjusted by a site administrator who has edit/change access to the resource instance.  It may be appropriate to do so in cases where the rendering of a page is dependent on the identity of the viewer (e.g., a user should not see one resource instance on a page, but is entitled to see 3 others.)               

Accessing the Permissions for a Resource Instance

There is a two step process which must be used to alter the permissions of a specific resource instance:

  1. You must use the OASIS Site Explorer to access the resource instance;
  2. You then use the Modify toolset to adjust permissions.

STEP 1: Accessing a Resource Instance Using OASIS Explorer

  • Navigate to the page on which the resource instance is currently rendering.
  • Click on Explore in the OASIS toolbar. 
    • In the resulting view, you will see a list of all resource instances, files and data which contribute to the composition of the current page. 
  • Locate the named resource instance (if uncertain, click on the view icon to view the item), and click on the pen icon found at the right side of the current row of the Explorer view for the desired resource.

Step 2: Adjusting the Permission of a Resource Instance

  • Scroll to the bottom of the OASIS dialog box presented as a result of your completion of STEP 1.
  • In the permissions set, review what is currently set, determine what changes need to be made to achieve your desired results, and make adjustments to the boxes which are checked across groups displayed (by default) to achieve your outcome.
  • Click Save to complete the permissioning.