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Understanding OASIS Terminology

The following outlines key terms used to describe OASIS features and functionalities:

Layout Manager

A tool that offers access to various resource instances that can be placed on a page as a means to add different types of content

OASIS Toolbar

A tool offering administrative options to manage or configure the website


Users that have access to the website to edit, add to, and maintain the website. Administrators will have the highest level of access to components of the site whereas Users may have a slightly more limited view.


An outside viewer or user that has no access to tools which add, edit, or maintain the website.


An organizational convenience, created by or provided to system administrators to allow them to organize files. Web pages in the file Explorer are listed as a Folder type.


A web page on the website which can be accessed by those with privileges to see it. In OASIS, a folder can be converted to a web page by applying a layout.


A piece of software that allows administrators to carry out a task. It is a programmed element. OASIS includes a variety of resources that carry out functionality – for example, the Gallery resource allows the administrator to upload photos and videos which will then appear on the page.