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Clone an Existing Web Page

You may wish to clone a page to speed up the development of a new page that will be similar to a page already composed at your website. OASIS includes a powerful feature that allows you to clone and rename an existing page. 

To Clone an Existing Page:

  • Navigate to the page that will serve as the preceding or “parent” page (i.e., the page you will create is navigationally a level down in the navigation scheme from the page you navigate to),
  • Select the Add menu item on the OASIS toolbar
  • Select the Page item from the drop-down Add menu. 
  • This will load a form that will allow you to create a new page.
  • Complete the form including:
    • Page Name: The name of the page you wish to create (for internal tracking)
    • HTML Page Name: The display name for the page that the browser will show in the title bar (meta title tag)
    • Description: A short description of the web page; this will be in the meta-data of page
    • Keywords: The keywords for the meta-data of this page
    • Folder to add page: The folder in which you would like to create the web page [select one using the radio buttons beside the folder name desired]. By default, the page where you started the Add Page operation is selected.
  • Fill in all data desired to set up the page (e.g., permissions) in the provided fields. 
  • Scroll down to the field entitled “Do you want to clone an existing page?” and select the checkbox. 
  • Using the emergent Explorer-like view, select a page to clone (by selecting the check box beside the desired page). 
  • If you want to clone all data that is on the source page (pulling over the resource instances already laid out on the existing page being cloned), select the relevant checkbox. 
  • Click the Submit button to complete the cloning.