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Add a New Webpage

  • Navigate to the page that will serve as the preceding or “parent” page (i.e., the page you will create is navigationally a level down in the navigation scheme from the page you navigate to),
  • Select the Add menu item on the OASIS toolbar
  • Select the Page item from the drop-down Add menu. 
  • This will load a form that will allow you to create a new page.
  • Complete the form including:
    • Page Name: The name of the page you wish to create (for internal tracking)
    • HTML Page Name: The display name for the page that the browser will show in the title bar (meta title tag)
    • Description: A short description of the web page; this will be in the meta-data of page
    • Keywords: The keywords for the meta-data of this page
    • Folder to add page: The folder in which you would like to create the web page [select one using the radio buttons beside the folder name desired]. By default, the page where you started the Add Page operation is selected.
  • Fill in all data desired to set up the page (e.g., permissions) in the provided fields. 
  • Click Submit. 

The new page will be ready, at this point, for page layout, which will allow you to provide the resource instances for the purposes of giving the page functional content