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Understanding the WYSIWYG Content Editors in OASIS Resources

Some OASIS resources, including the most commonly used Text Resource, provide site administrators with a “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) content editor.  This editor is intentionally similar to common desktop software tools (e.g., Microsoft Office Word), but with some minor variations to both simplify and to account for specific functionalities you may execute on the web.                                                

When using an OASIS WYSIWYG editor, you typically will select or highlight the content you wish to modify (using the mouse), and then click on the following icons: 

bold Allows you to bold your text.
italic Allows you to italicize your text.
underline Allows you to underline your text.
strike Allows you to strike through your text.
indent Enables you to choose the alignment of your content.

Enables you to manage font looks and behaviour, including headers, blocks,
inline and alignment. 


Create a hyperlink (something elsewhere on the site that can be jumped
to when 
the content so treated is clicked on by the user with the mouse)

 insert photo Insert a photo
 bullet Allows you to create bulleted lists from text
 numbered Allows you to create numbered lists from text