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Make a File Available for Download on a Web Page

In OASIS, there are two methods for making a file available for download by a website visitor.

Method 1: Hyperlinking to the File Path in the File System

One way to make a file available for download is to present an appropriate name for the file in a Text, News or List resource instance, then hyperlink that name to the file location in the OASIS file system.  To do this:

  • Activate the editing mode of the resource instance in question
  • Highlight (by selecting with the mouse) the text which will be linked to the file on the server (or elsewhere, should that be needed)
  • Select the Insert Link button on the WYSIWYG editor’s toolbar (or from the WYSIWYG editor pull-down menu),
  • Select the Browse button beside the URL field in the resulting dialog box. 
  • This will open up an Explorer dialog box which will allow you to view the files already uploaded to the system. 
  • Navigate to the folder with your file, and select the radio button to the left of the file name in this view to select the desired file. 
  • Click the Select Resource button at the bottom of the screen to close the Explorer dialog. 
  • Make any adjustments to the text that will formulate the link, and to the behaviour of the hyperlink target when clicked.
  • Click OK.
  • Click Save.

This method presumes that the file that is to be made available for download has already been uploaded to the web server. If this is not the case, the Insert Link dialog box provides an Upload tab which will allow you to upload the file. Once uploaded, the rest of the process described above applies.

Method 2: Dropping the File in the Page Layout Mode

OASIS provides a tool, accessed through the Layout Manager palette, that allows you to drag and drop a rendering link for file into a location on a web page. The link style and format is an OASIS default and cannot be adjusted by the site administrator; in some cases, method 1 described above can create more appealing visual results.

To drag and drop a file into location on a web page:

  • Click, hold and drag the File icon on the Layout Manager palette; pull the item out into the page layout zone, and place it where you want the rendering to appear (relative to other content on the page). 
  • Navigate your way through the file system (or Create New, from link at top) to find and select the desired file for download.
  • Select the file by checking the radio button to the left of the name in the list view.
  • Click Place Resource on Page