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Layout A Web Page

To manage the components and structure of a site page in OASIS, you use the Layout Manager palette. 

Accessing the Layout Manager Palette:

  • Browse to the page you wish to manage.
  • Click the Layout Manager floating button. The button will cascade into a palette.

Moving a Resource Instance Onto a Page:

  • Identify the type of resource instance you want to add to the page, and locate its icon type on the Layout Manager palette.
  • Undertake a drag and drop operation:
    • Click and hold down your mouse over the selected resource type on the Layout Manager palette.
    • Drag the resource type to the location target on the page.
      • It is important to know that a blue “target zone” on the page will show you where you may drop new resource instances. The drop location is highlighted by a dashed boundary line.
    • Release the mouse button.
  •  At this point, you will be invited to fill the container with a resource instance.

Adding an Existing/Saved Resource Instance to a Page:

  • Identify, by navigating in the presenting Explorer-like view if necessary, the resource instance to be placed in the resource instance container dropped on the page.
  • Select the resource instance by clicking on the radio button to the left of the instance name.
  • Click button Place Resource on Page to add the resource instance to the container.


Creating a New Resource Instance and Adding It (on the fly) to a Page:

  • In the Explorer dialog box, click on the Create New button.
  • Fill in information about the new resource instance
  • Click Save.

The Layout Manager offers some advanced functionality which may or may not be applicable for your business needs.

 Using Advanced Layout Options:

  • Click on the Advanced Options link in the Layout Manager palette.
  • Complete one of the following advance layout changes:
    • To change the physical structure of the page (columns/rows configuration), click on one of the graphic depictions best matching your layout intention.
    • To hide the header and footer of the web page, click on the checkbox Hide.
    • To change the style sheet for the page (if additional style sheets were made available to you by the vendor), click on the drop-down list box, and select the style sheet desired.
    • To add a background image to your page (typically used for static image banners), click on the Browse button, and select a file for use.
  • Click Save to apply the advanced layout changes.