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Build a Successful Online Shopping Experience

OASIS comes with a complete product catalogue and shopping carts component to help you bring your products to the world.

OASIS Product Catalogue

The OASIS Product Catalogue allows you to manage multiple products across various product categories including product name, SKU, description, photo, price, taxes and shipping costs. You can even specify feature products which can then show up on your sites home page through a custom built resource. 

OASIS Shopping Cart

Allow your site visitors to build up a list of products to purchase by pushing their selections from the Product Catalogue into their Shopping Cart. When doing so, the purchaser will be requested to enter the quantity of product desired. Clients can view the contents of their Shopping Cart at any time before checking out. 

Online Payments through PayPal

The OASIS Shopping Cart is pre-built to integrate with PayPal for purchase checkout and payment adjudication. Use your existing PayPal account to collect payment from your clients' credit card or PayPal accounts. 

Online Payments through 3rd Party Payment Adjudicators

If you'd prefer to work with your online merchant vendor for payment adjudication, instead of PayPal, the OASIS development can custom built a connector to your adjudicator.