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Drive Traffic and Generate Publicity through Search Engine Optimization Made Easy

High and relevant search engine rankings which drive traffic to your website is often critical to a website's success. OASIS provides you with the features and functions you need to assist to take advantage of search engine optimization techniques. 

Customized and Human Readable URLs and Page Titles

OASIS automatically supports customized and human readable page addresses (URLs) and page titles which will help both your site visitors as well as search engines in identifying the content focus of each web page. 

On-Page SEO Supports

OASIS provides content editors with control over On Page features which impact search engine rankings. This includes defining page level meta data, page titles, image alt tags and descriptions and textual content. 

Missing Page Titles, Keywords and Descriptions Report

OASIS provides site administrators with a report to quickly identify critical content for search engines including missing page titles, descriptions and keywords. 

Automatic Generation of Your Site Map

OASIS automatically generates a Site Map associated with your site's structure and pages which can be used both by site visitors and the search engines to crawl your website.