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Easily and Rapidly Control Content on your Website

The OASIS web CMS is a rich and full-featured CMS that allows pinpoint control over the content at a website, portal or intranet. 

Pages can be easily laid out using a visual drag-and-drop page builder.  Each part (a "resource instance") dropped onto a page can be edited, and most interfaces for editing are either expected wizard-type dialogs, or WYSIWYG editors similar to those found in today's most common desktop software.  Text, images, hyperlinks, videos, calendar entries - editing is a breeze. And the page layout management framework in the OASIS web CMS allows site administrators to make fundamental choices about same or similar content - you can either reuse a piece of content, with a one-time update being reflected across all instances or uses, or you can clone and create separate instances of content, which allows you the flexibility of light edits and slightly different messaging on different pages of your site.

Editing is so straightforward that you can make major changes with just a few clicks, drags and a little bit of content entry.