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Layout Your Web Pages Quickly and Easily with Drag and Drop Technology

Formatting your page layout in OASIS is a snap.  Choose your layout from a list of templates and drag and drop components onto that layout. Its as easy as that. 

Consistently Setup Your Pages

OASIS websites are setup with a predetermined by extensive set of page structure templates which are used to ensure consistency of page layout from page to page in order to provide a seamless experience for your site visitors.  You can choose or change your web page template at any time. 

Quickly Add, Move and Remove Components to your Page In Place

Built on cutting edge drag-and-drop functionality, the OASIS Layout Manager is powerful, flexible and intuitive.  Quickly drag-and-drop components to your web page and move them around at in place at will. There's no need to "preview" your page as the in place layout approach ensures you'll know what your page will look like when you are done.