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OASIS Feature Set

OASIS is a flexible platform that can be configured to the exact needs and requirements of your website, portal or intranet.  On site build, custom functionalities or software, called resources, are assembled to meet the requirements.  Many of the most valuable resources are already available right out of the box.  And the talented team at Sandbox continue to develop new resources, and  can create something customized for your need on request.

Keep reading to learn about the many features and resources already available in the OASIS web content management system.


The OASIS web CMS provides a Survey resource that can keep your data under the same roof, negating the need to resort to external tools like SurveyMonkey in most cases.  Credentialled site administrators can access a range of survey question types (multiple choice, Yes/No, Likert scale) from an easy-to-use survey creation tool to build customized surveys.  Question re-ordering helps to ensure that you get it right for your survey respondents.  Data from surveys gets consolidated in a rich administrator dashboard that includes visualization tools (charts) and the ability to export data to Excel-compatible formats for more advanced data manipulation.

If you rely on external integration with tools like SurveyMonkey or FormStack, OASIS fully supports you with easy-to-insert code snippet abilities.


The OASIS web CMS includes an easy-to-use Poll resource that enables the deployment of, and data collection from, single question polls.  Polls may be created in one of two modes:

  1. Choose one of many (multiple options, visitor may select one only); OR
  2. Choose all that apply.

The resource can be configured to restrict voting (i.e., to permit one vote per person) when used in a private portal or intranet. It can also be configured to permit voting based on approved "tokens" (e.g., a password or an ID number).

The Poll Resource may be configured to render poll results visually immediately upon a vote being cast - to support applications commonly seen in news delivery and polling.

Polls can be archived so that users can see results from closed polls.

Job Posting

The OASIS web CMS provides a "Job Posting" resource that facilitates the collection and routing of employment applications from website visitors learning about available jobs.

The resource provides a grid-style listing of all available jobs, and is responsive to expiry dates set by the site administrator.  Structured data associated with a job posting/description can be configured by the administrator. 

Visitors encounter a grid list of all available jobs that can be filtered by category or tag. On drill down, full information about the job is rendered, and a web form supporting application is available for completion.

Standard configuration includes routing of all collected elements of a job application to the email address of the specified recruiter, and the system supports multiple recruiters.

Feedback Form Builder

The OASIS web CMS provides an easy-to-use form building resource that allows website administrators to create and deploy their own custom forms.  Forms can be developed using standard fields available in the form builder, and laid out in a desired order per completion requirements.  Individual form fields can be marked as mandatory - requiring visitor completion before submission.  On submission, default form behaviour is set to email a message to an email address set up in configuring the form instance. Forms can include checkbox fields, open text, and even link to Google Maps to allow a map to be rendered.

If a form builder isn't required, forms can be created by the professionals during the development of any website deployed in OASIS CMS.