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OASIS Feature Set

OASIS is a flexible platform that can be configured to the exact needs and requirements of your website, portal or intranet.  On site build, custom functionalities or software, called resources, are assembled to meet the requirements.  Many of the most valuable resources are already available right out of the box.  And the talented team at Sandbox continue to develop new resources, and  can create something customized for your need on request.

Keep reading to learn about the many features and resources already available in the OASIS web content management system.


The OASIS web CMS can be configured with a forum resource, which allows site visitors or portal members to communicate with each other asynchronously.  The OASIS forum resource includes ability to create new threads, add new posts within a thread, and reply both to a post and to a reply of a post (threading).  The forum framework can also include a post rating scheme (Like or Star-based).  On request, and with investment, a forum can be adapted to become an "idea mill" - a framework which invites idea input and which enables rapid visualization of the popularity of each idea through a voting idea popularity framework.

Forums can be publicly available (i.e., without requirement for login), or available only to those logged in (via Username/Password) to an OASIS portal.

User Profiles

The OASIS web CMS comes with a robust site and portal User Administration framework that allows administrators to grant access - with granular permissions - to a range of users. Users may update their own profiles and manage what information they wish to convey about themselves.

These profiles may be leveraged into social networking features in a private web portal powered by the OASIS web CMS - which can support the creation of a friendship network and internal email/messaging systems for logged in portal members.

User Profile Search Tool

When the social networking features of the OASIS web CMS are used in private portals, a rich search functionality becomes available to help portal members find and friend each other.