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OASIS Feature Set

OASIS is a flexible platform that can be configured to the exact needs and requirements of your website, portal or intranet.  On site build, custom functionalities or software, called resources, are assembled to meet the requirements.  Many of the most valuable resources are already available right out of the box.  And the talented team at Sandbox continue to develop new resources, and  can create something customized for your need on request.

Keep reading to learn about the many features and resources already available in the OASIS web content management system.

Menu Management

The OASIS web CMS includes an incredibly easy-to-use menu building tool that allows you to manage all menus within your site. Site administrator menu controls include a visual depiction of multi-level menus, and are enabled with drag and drop technology to make ordering of your menus quick and easy.  Menus can be placed anywhere in your site, and any OASIS site can have more than one menu supporting navigation.

Mega-menus are also supported in OASIS.

Site Search

The OASIS web CMS includes a rich site search technology framework powered by Lucene search technology. Configuration options are available on site setup, and include the ability to support filtered searching, and use of tags and categories placed in content throughout the site. The appearance of search results pages can be customized on configuration.

And should you wish an alternative search approach, any OASIS site can be augmented with Google Site Search. 


The OASIS web CMS easily embeds a breadcrumb resource in your site. Breadcrumbs list the name of the page a visitor is on, and provide a hyperlink trail back through the navigation path that gets to that page.

Breadcrumbs can be augmented with the OASIS "Viewed Today" resource, which keeps track of all pages viewed by a visitor during their browser session.  This powerful resource, typically found in association with a vertical sub-menu, enables visitors to return rapidly to previously-viewed pages.

Text Resizing

The OASIS web CMS, through its ability to manage multiple stylesheets, provides support for the site visitor to increase or decrease the standard font size of most textual content within a website.

This resizing feature can be of great help to those with visual accessibility challenges.