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Understanding the Online File System - The OASIS Explorer

Underneath all of the technology required for the web, your site relies on an online file system. If you have ever copied, moved or deleted files on your computer, you will be familiar with the concept of a file system. Essentially, the online file system includes data files which are organized into folders. A data file is something you have either uploaded from your computer – for example, a PDF file or a .png image file – or it holds data that you create using OASIS resources (or tools) and that has been saved by OASIS for use. 

A folder in OASIS is an organizational convenience, as earlier explained; many users find it an efficiency convenience to create a folder, which holds files, for each web page on their site.

Files that are stored on the online file system can be accessed using an OASIS tool called the Explorer. Files and folders can have permissions applied to them so that not all are visible to all site users, or even to all site administrators.

To explore your online file system with the OASIS Explorer: Select the Explore icon located under the OASIS Admin Toolbar. This will provide you with access to your file system. 

Some notes on using the OASIS Explorer:

  • Clicking on the icon of a folder will bring you into that folder
  • To navigate up a level in your file system, click on the folder up icon located to the left of the current folder’s name
  • To preview a folder, file or resource in the file system click on the associated View Link
  • The File System provides you with details on folders, files and resource instances, including size, type and the last modified date

Not only can you navigate through your online file system through the Explore functionality, but you can also launch commonly-accessed functions associated with files, folders and/or resources from this tool, using the associated links as follows:

  • View: Allows you to quickly view the folder, file, web page or resource instance
  • Layout: Launches the page layout tool [for folders and web pages]
  • Edit: Launches the 'modify' functionality associated with the folder, file, web page or resource instance
  • Move: Allows you to move the folder, file, web page or resource instance to a new folder
  • Delete: Allows you to delete the element selected.