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Understanding a Web Page

What is a Web Page?

A web page is a page of content coded in HTML (and including various other instructions to speed up delivery, help identify the page to search engines, etc.) that is made available to a web browser when called upon.  Users of the World Wide Web call upon pages of content when they either type in a specific web page address, or click through to the page after completing a search using a search engine or other software system (e.g., Facebook, Twitter). 

Web browsers (e.g., Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer) are software that interpret HTML (and other instructions) and render that code into something legible (“human readable”) for the web page visitor.

How Is a Web Page Created in OASIS?

OASIS is a web content management system that takes human input (in the form of text, videos, images, etc.) and converts it to HTML and supplementary code at the instant the page content is called for by a website visitor.  (When a visitor enters a web address into their browser bar, this information is pushed to OASIS, which then composes the page using stored information and pushes back the correct HTML and other code needed to visualize the “page”.)

This process of page composition by a CMS is called “dynamic”, since it happens just in time (i.e., as the web page visitor asks for the information.)  Therefore, OASIS websites are “dynamic sites”, because of this software working in the background to deliver up content just when needed.

What Can Go on a Web Page?

Usual content for a web page includes text, graphics (as images, photos), videos, and files (available for download).  Your OASIS website includes ability to leverage all of that content.

Other items that can go on web pages may require functionalities (in OASIS, called resources) that have been written in advanced coding languages; these functionalities are installed into your OASIS system at setup and as needed (upon investment).  A broad range of functionalities is available “right out of the box” with OASIS, and should you come up with something special, be assured you can have that coded by the expert team at Sandbox Software Solutions!