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Adding a Folder, Web Page, File or Resource Instance to the File System

When you need to create something for your site, you will use tools available in the OASIS CMS to achieve your outcome, regardless of whether it is to create a new page, upload a new file, set up a new folder, or compose a new instance of a resource.

To Add to the File System:

  • Browse to the parent folder in which you would like to create the new component, using the site menu (Option 1) or the OASIS Explorer (Option 2)  
    • Option 1Navigate using the conventional website navigation menus; or
    • Option 2Use the OASIS Explorer, clicking on folder names to drill down into their contents, and clicking on the folder icon with an up arrow [ upper left corner of Explorer ] to navigate back up a level in the folder tree then click the View icon. 
  • Click Add on the OASIS Toolbar
  • Select the appropriate resource to create (Page, File, Folder or Resource) under the Add menu. 
  • This will present to you an Add Resource dialog.

To Create the Desired New Element:

Interact with and provide information in the fields of the wizard as follows (and where applicable):
  • Type: The type of component you would like to create
    [if creating a Folder, Webpage or File this has already been decided]
  • Name: The name of the Folder [be specific]
  • HTML Page Title: This is available when creating or modifying web pages, this field allows you to specify the display name for the page that the web browser will show [also known as title tag]
  • Description: A text description of the types of digital information that will be stored in the Folder
  • Show As New: Check this off if you would like the Folder to show up on the Recently Added widget on the home page [if this feature is enabled in your site]
  • [Web-Page Only] Review Frequency (Days):  Allows you to set the number of days between reviews you would like to do of your page content.
  • Tags: Add a related keyword and click Add. You can add as many Tags as you feel are necessary. [Tags help users rapidly access content through site searches.]


To Set the Permissions Associated with a New Element:

  • Check off whether you want them to be:
    • Relevant: Groups or users who should be associated with the element
    • Reviewer: Someone who can view the element
    • Publisher: Someone who can update (i.e., change) the element
    • Owner: Someone who can modify and remove the element
      [These individuals will also be emailed if comments/issues forms are completed about the element
      • The OASIS Permissions Control Associated with Elements: To add more Users or Groups to the Permissions list that you see on screen in an operation where you are adding a new element, click the Add button beside the Permissions title.  This will allow you to select additional users and groups to be added to the Permission set.  Simply check off the applicable groups and users and click the Add button.
  • Click Save & Continue to create the new element in the file system.