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OASIS-based Content Managed Solutions

OASIS is not just for websites - although it is an ideal platform for most websites. OASIS can manage websites which deliver content in a range of languages, makes creation of landing pages a snap, and provides a range of tools for on-page search engine optimization.


Content Managed Websites Built in OASIS

Discover how developing your next website in the OASIS Content Management System will empower you with one of the most flexible and easiest to use content management systems available. Read more about OASIS websites.

OASIS Built Portals and Intranets

Taking advantage of OASIS for your next Intranet or Portal will help ensure early adoption and ongoing engagement of the solution among its targeted audience. Discover how OASIS can become an effective and valuable framework for your Intranet or Portal. 

Through increasing implementation of responsive design and use of multiple style sheets that are responsive to requesting devices (e.g., smart phones and tablets) or need (e.g., print-optimized display), OASIS exposes beauty and functionality across a range of devices in today’s diversified device world. Rendering to iPhone, Android, BlackBerry phones and tablets as well as desktop devices is appropriately implemented in projects with those end-goals.

OASIS also serves as an amazing backbone for an easy-to-manage and powerful intranet or web community. It can manage a wide array of content – including large document libraries and video or rich media repositories – with an ease and speed of response that rivals enterprise-level systems.

OASIS also has been used with great success in private web communities of practice and web portals to facilitate deep collaboration and learning. Fully equipped, an OASIS web community of practice delivers rich social networking features comparable to some of today’s most popular tools, including internal email solutions, friends searching and connecting, text chat, and more.

Finally, through targeted add-ins crafted for specific purposes, OASIS has served as a customer portal, a project management solution and more. Easy to use, solid and powerful, OASIS is the CMS of many.