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Knowledge Management

An OASIS portal or intranet can be the centrepiece of your organization’s knowledge management platform and practice.

Document and Image Management

The OASIS web CMS includes a comprehensive framework to support document, file and image management. The OASIS File Explorer, similar in feel and purpose to comparable tools in desktop operating systems, provides a rich feature set enabling the upload, organization, and content versioning of files and documents. With built-in drag-and-drop multiple file upload capabilities, tagging, and deep integration with Lucene search technology, OASIS makes creating and managing document libraries a snap.

Blogging and Microblogging

Savvy organizations recognize that a lot of efficiency gains and capabilities are locked in the heads of long-serving or highly creative employees or volunteers. One way to create alignment is through involving these incredible teammates in activities including blogging and microblogging. The OASIS web CMS makes a full set of blogging and microblogging tools available – to support broad or narrow information distribution.

News Processing and Curation

Inside an organization’s ranks, content isn’t just king, it’s emperor! Making sure that appropriate content, content that drives efficiency gains and idea generation, gets into the hands of the right stakeholders is tricky business. Getting news from outside your walls working for you – well, that’s what’s called curation. The OASIS web CMS includes an easy-to-use news curation platform that brings news stories, from areas of interest, to your door, and allows members of your team to determine how to provide context and meaning to approved news stories.

Policy and Procedure Reposition

Most organizations, when investing in an intranet, look to make policies and procedures more available to those who need them. Intranets can make that happen just on time, and on-demand. The document and file management toolset in the OASIS web CMS enable the assembly of a deep and organized library of content for portal users. Add to this the capacity for structured data entry and retrieval, or “list management”, and you’ve got yourself a great set of tools to get people doing great things.