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Encourage and Support Collaboration Among your Teams and Employees

An OASIS Portal or Intranet site can be built around a number of features which support collaboration and knowledge sharing among teams and your employees.

Enriched News Facilitating Discussion

The OASIS web CMS News resource, a powerful framework for serialized content, allows workteams to share big developments. This tool allows users and groups with correct credentials to create and schedule the posting of news - including parameters such as a title, article summary (or short abstract), full text article/story, posting date, an optional photo/image and an optional file (which can be downloaded by those reading the article).

Important to collaboration, the News resource includes a rich feedback framework that allows article readers to provide comments and even rate the information quality. These functionalities, configurable by a portal administrator, can ensure that corporate standards are maintained (through comment adjudication) if warranted. The OASIS News resource is also RSS-out enabled, allowing portal users to subscribe to news via RSS client including Microsoft Outlook.

Polls and Surveys Just in Time

Want to know about the group’s perception on the issues of the day? The OASIS web CMS provides a Survey resource that can keep your data under the same roof, negating the need to resort to external tools like SurveyMonkey in most cases. Credentialed site administrators can access a range of survey question types (multiple choice, Yes/No, Likert scale) from an easy-to-use survey creation tool to build customized surveys. Question re-ordering helps to ensure that you get it right for your survey respondents. Data from surveys gets consolidated in a rich administrator dashboard that includes visualization tools (charts) and the ability to export data to Excel-compatible formats for more advanced data manipulation. The tool can support single question polls are multi-question surveys, and can also present immediate results displays following a contribution by a portal or intranet user.

Blogging Inside to Promote Collaboration

Promoting blogging in work teams – either as a concentrated effort to support team learning, or in microblogging format to enhance complete visualization by all team members of current work activities – is a best practice intended to create focus and align work. The OASIS web CMS provides a rich toolset that can enable traditional blog development (or serialized posting of content of significant depth), vlog sharing (videos pertinent to the organization), and microblogging.

Keeping Connected Through Mobile Devices

Portals and intranets built with the OASIS web CMS beautifully render on today’s wide range of internet-access devices, including tablets and smart phones. Approaches to deployment can include responsive design, which provides a stylesheet for all content and through device queries, serves up all content with just the right look, or adaptive design, which delivers the right look to a subset of content and functionality suited for smaller screens. If you want to enhance collaboration in today’s savvy workforce, you need to provide optimized services to smart phones!

User Profiles Enabling Group Sharing

The OASIS web CMS comes with a robust site and portal User Administration framework that allows administrators to grant access - with granular permissions - to a range of users. Users may update their own profiles and manage what information they wish to convey about themselves.

These profiles can be used to build a social network of friends or colleagues, and can be linked to internal email/messaging systems for portal members logged in to the system.

Forum to Enable Discussion and Troubleshooting

A portal or intranet build in the OASIS web CMS is just incomplete without a Forum resource, which allows portal users to communicate with each other asynchronously. The OASIS Forum resource includes ability to create new threads, add new posts within a thread, and reply both to a post and to a reply of a post. A Forum created in OASIS can also include rating tools (Like or Star-based). On request, and with investment, a forum can be adapted to become an "idea mill" - a framework which invites idea input and which enables rapid visualization of the popularity of each idea through a community-based popularity framework.

System eMailer to Keep the Team Informed

An email notification tool has been developed to support administrators operating a web portal, intranet or online community in OASIS. This resource enables distribution of email messages – including, as needed, text and images - to some or all registered portal users. Customized HTML email templates leveraged through this resource, intended to create appeal and impact of delivered messages, can be provided with any portal created in the OASIS web CMS.

Buy and Sell Keeps the Community Engaged

Intranets and portals typically struggle to keep people coming back, often winding up as the dated repositories of human resource forms and little else. That’s just not right! Giving them a reason to come back is important, and the OASIS web CMS provides a community support tool, the Buy and Sell resource, which helps intranet/portal users find home for lightly-used treasures. It keeps “stuff” out of recycling bins, helps people help others, and generates a sense that they are involved in helping each other. Buy and Sell is a great value-added collaboration tool.