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Secure and Searchable Online Document Management

OASIS provides a powerful and secure document management system as the backbone to your Intranet site. 

Document Management

The OASIS web CMS provides secure, intelligent control over files and documents that are uploaded and stored in file libraries.

File Explorer

The OASIS web CMS was built, first and foremost, as a powerful and secure online file system. This includes support for comprehensive visualization of files which are either uploaded to or created in the CMS. A familiar visual interface has been applied to the OASIS File Explorer, which supports file organization and management, document upload, individual and role-based access to documents and files and file versions/history.

Uploading Files

The OASIS web CMS provides a variety of methods to enable rapid file upload to the OASIS file system.  Files, on upload, can be tagged with critical search terms (tags), and be provided with a permission setting to allow or disallow file access by either groups or individual users.  A drag-and-drop multiple file uploader has also been deployed, making the often-challenging task of bulk file/document uploads to the file system easy and speedy.

User/Role Permissions

The OASIS web CMS extends user access permissions deeply throughout the system.  Of course, individual portal pages can have permissions attached to allow or restrict access.  But OASIS takes this further, enabling a portal administrator to attach permissions at either the group or user level to individual files.  If you don’t want some people to see a file or document, OASIS has you covered.

File Versioning

The OASIS web CMS includes a roll-back file versioning functionality built into its file system.  When you have uploaded a replacement file or document, OASIS handles file versions effortlessly, keeping all earlier versions of the file available on demand.  At any time, should a new file have been uploaded to the file system in error, a system administrator can revert to any previous version in the file system.

File Search

The OASIS web CMS includes a powerful site search technology framework powered by Lucene. Configuration options are available on intranet or portal setup, and include the ability to support filtered searching and use of tags and categories placed in content throughout the site. The appearance of search results pages are configured during portal or intranet development, and can take virtually any format that a designer can create.

And should you wish an alternative search approach, any OASIS intranet or portal can be augmented with Google or Bing Site Search. 


Enterprises and Boards are confident in the security the OASIS Intranet or Portal provides when dealing with their sensitive data. File transfers from OASIS can be encrypted through SSL, among the most secure of the internet’s protocols for locking out hackers and unauthorized accesses.