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OASIS Membership

Get the most out of your investment with an OASIS Membership. Becoming an OASIS Member will entitle you to special hourly rates for support, free education sessions, Members' Only news, regular audits of your website, and hosting. 

Your OASIS Membership will include: 


Professional Audits to Help You Build and Improve Your Website

OASIS Membership will entitle you to professional website audits to help you identify how to enhance your website and understand what your site visitors are doing on your site. These audits can help you optimize use of your support hours. 

OASIS Hosting Services

Save money on your regular hosting costs. OASIS Membership includes a standard OASIS web hosting package.

Significant Savings on Maintenance and Support

OASIS Members get reduced rates on technical support, maintenance, training and enhancement work associated with your OASIS website.

Unused Support Hours will be Credited to Your Next Site

No need to worry about losing your unused support hours.  We'll credit the dollar value of your unused support credits against the implementation of your next OASIS website. 

Free Updates to the OASIS CMS

Get the latest in OASIS technology, features and functions with automatic quarterly updates to your OASIS Content Management System.

Direct Support Just When You Need It

OASIS Membership gives you direct access to the OASIS Help Desk and Support Team. 

OASIS Membership Packages

Contact your OASIS Partner to become an OASIS Member.