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Enterprises, Not-for-Profits and Small Businesses Make the Most of their Websites and Portals by Building in OASIS

OASIS is sophisticated, powerful and flexible enough to manage enterprise websites and portals, but so easy to use that smaller organizations including those without an IT group or support are taking advantage of this robust web CMS.

Corporations Manage their Brand in OASIS

Corporations rely on OASIS not only for their websites but also for securing their corporate and board portals.

Merchants Sell Products Online with OASIS

The OASIS web CMS includes a rich e-commerce framework that allows savvy businesses to manage an online catalog of products/services, and facilitates integration with common payment processors, including PayPal.

Boards Trust OASIS to Securely Distribute Information

OASIS web CMS is the backbone for a number of private Board portals - enabling Boards of Directors and Committees to easily yet securely manage their processes, documentation and even voting.

Agencies Depend on OASIS for their Clients' Needs

Marketing and digital agencies have come to rely on the OASIS web CMS for the implementation of their beautiful website designs - and the style editor tools for advanced users make implementation of CSS and Javascript a snap.

Health Care Better Serves Patients with OASIS

Among the many satisfied clients leveraging the power, security and ease of use of the OASIS web CMS are healthcare groups - from medical clinics and hospitals to pharma brands.  OASIS will help you get it done.

Not-for-Profits Benefit from OASIS' Ease-of-Use

Not-for-profit organizations often have a pretty lean human resource base on which to rely for web updates - and these good people don't have time to muck around with something that isn't user friendly.  Increasingly, these organizations are turning to the OASIS web CMS.