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Rootham Gourmet Preserves

Rootham Gourmet Preserves, which produces a line of gourmet products, relaunched its e-commerce website in OASIS to push further into online sales.


Rootham Gourmet Preserves is a Canadian company specializing in preserved foods such as Irish Caramel Sauce, Thick to Stick BBQ Sauce, and their signature Red Pepper Jelly. A family owned  and operated company, Rootham takes pride in preparing tasty, high quality preserves using local ingredients. They also provide custom-labelled products for gift baskets and promotional programs.

The Project

Rootham and Sandbox worked together to create a website with an inviting design to drive traffic to a new e-commerce functionality. The product photographs and recipe suggestions enhance the shopping experience. Rootham’s new website was built in OASIS, Sandbox’s easy-to-use web Content Management System (CMS), which allows Rootham staff to easily manage content and product catalogues.


Rootham Gourmet Preserves now has a modern and attractive web presence that works. Wholesalers and single shoppers can order Rootham’s products online and have them shipped within Canada, and Rootham’s 30-year business success story is being told through increased sales and website traffic. Links to social media accounts are helping to spread the word and build a community of Rootham’s product lovers.